About Us

It is very difficult for investors to know and be aware of all legal regulations and make decisions

considering these regulations in the countries in which they make investment through their own internal resources (their employees) in the globalizing world where the capital may relocate fast. In particular, in the developed and developing countries where the legislation changes each passing year even a day, as an inevitable consequence, investors are required to use their existing and limited resources on the subjects of their primary activity and engage specialized professionals in the countries in which they make investment for functional support services (outsourcing) other than the subjects of their primary activity due to the major waste of resource in financial terms caused by any decisions made contrary to the current and variable legal applications.

As ACT Financial Services, which provides Financial Advisory services doe Tax, Accounting, advisory, Reporting applications, has selected it as a target to ensure our clients to benefit from all rights available to them in accordance with the laws in force, to be aware of the legislative applications changing very frequently and adopt these changes.

As ACT Financial Services, we are working as an accounting, tax and advisory firm since its founding in Istanbul Turkey in August 2012 after 25+ years’ experience on accounting, tax and advisory. Now, UK London office is established in 2019 to provide accounting, tax and advisory services to our clients

Our services are specifically tailored to you and your business, covering all aspect of accounting, payroll, book-keeping, business advice, business taxation, business reporting whether it is insource or outsource services for an individual, sole trader, partnership/LLP or small-medium companies or multinational corporations. We provide our services in several languages, as well as English

 Having 25+ year’s experience in accounting & tax & consultancy & business reporting

 Service 100+ customers

 Service in 2+ countries

 having 16+ accounting professionals

 speak 2+ languages